New Artist's Statement:                                                                                                                                                                                                              July 28, 2012 


    For more than twenty years I have been making  paintings that communicate a very specific political, social and environmental message via visual, verbal and mathematical abstractions.*   These paintings only  - look - representational.

    I always meant to muddy the distinction between "abstraction and representation, to blur the line as it were, because the distinction itself is a false one and it perpetuates a widespread and persistent misconception. 

It has been said of me that I am "balance on the line" between abstraction and representation.**  But it is after all, widely recognized that a painting may be more, or less, abstract or representational.  and so, in response, I offer this insight:

                            "The line" runs horizontally.  Uniting the two polar extremes, rather than vertically dividing them:


A painter may position his work anywhere along that  line.  And I feel freer than ever to trip lightly back and forth between the two extremes like a tight rope walker feigning danger in order to tantalize his audience. 


*   verbal and visual metaphors that liken to reality without representing it.  And Mathematical systems such as linear perspective and the
    golden mean which, as branches of mathematics, are inherently abstract.

**  see Stanley Grand's catalog essay:  "Balanced on the Line" exhibition catalog: "Ronald V. Clayton The Choson Series" 2002, Southeast        Missouri State University.

        Reliquaria                      Of Discourse and Constantinople                        Barbicon                                                Kaiser

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    Ripariana                                           Riparius Ripa                                       La Salle                                                 Remnant

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